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Press Release: LST Announces New Podcast Show, I Am The Law

About the Podcast

I Am The Law is a podcast produced by Law School Transparency. IATL uses informational interviews with new and seasoned law school graduates to convey what the practice of law is really like. Unfortunately, the legal profession is a black box—for both those inside and outside of it. Worse, misinformation runs amok. We expect that shedding a little light on real jobs will help listeners make better law school choices, improve their job search process, and (ultimately) increase their job satisfaction.

While you should meet as many lawyers as you make your career choices, IATL will help listeners learn from more lawyers than they can possibly do on their own. Listening to our show will also help prepare listeners with questions to ask during informational and job interviews.

Production Team

Executive Producer, Kyle McEntee


Deborah Merritt

Debby is a law professor at Ohio State University, where she teaches in the criminal defense and prosecution clinics. Prior to joining the legal academy, Debby clerked for the D.C. Circuit (then-Judge R. B. Ginsburg) and the U.S. Supreme Court (Justice S. D. O'Connor). She also litigated in Atlanta, GA. Due to her engaging and thoughtful personality, Debby brings especially valuable insights out of IATL guests.

Kimber Russell

Kimber Russell is an expert in sales, with experience at many companies in and around the legal profession. Kimber's humor and experience working closely with hundreds of law students across the country brings a unique approach to interviewing IATL guests. Kimber previously hosted legal humor podcasts "Down By Law" and "The Bitter Brief."

Aaron Taylor

Aaron is a law professor at St. Louis University. Prior to joining the legal academy, Aaron was the associate dean for law admissions at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, where he worked on a pipeline initiative that fostered diversity within legal education and the profession. He also practiced ethics law for the DC Bar, where he investigated ethics complaints. While interviewing IATL guests, Aaron provides our listeners useful context for analyzing potential careers.

  • Episode 41: Plaintiff's Personal Injury (NYC): A Radically Changed Business [Small Firm]
  • Episode 40: Federal Criminal Defense (NJ): Representing Indigent Clients as a [Public Defender]
  • Episode 39: Business Immigration (OR): Helping Companies Bring Foreign Nationals To The U.S. [Mid-Size Firm]
  • Episode 38: Estate Planning and Probate (SC): Counseling on Legal Services and Otherwise [Solo Practice]
  • Episode 37: Appellate Lawyer (VA): Telling A Court They Got It Wrong [Small Firm]